Customer Success Story: Bailey & Julie

The overall health and wellness of your furry friend plays a huge role in their behavior and the nature of your relationship with them. Therefore, it makes sense that when pet owners notice that their dog is not feeling his best, it hurts them too.

When Julie noticed that Bailey, her sixteen-year-old Chinese Sharpei, Lab, Pit Bull mix, was suffering from arthritis and separation anxiety, she turned to Canna-Pet®. Read Bailey and Julie’s story below:

Tell us a little bit about Bailey.

Bailey was fourteen, almost fifteen, when he was rescued by Frosted Faces Foundation, a wonderful senior dog rescue. When Frosted Faces rescued him, he was only about 34 pounds. However, he gained 20 pounds within the first couple of months and is a healthy weight now. Bailey turned sixteen in August and is still enjoying life, even in his old age.

What was Bailey like before you found Canna-Pet®?

Before Canna-Pet®, Bailey was suffering from arthritis and separation anxiety. He also had trouble sleeping most nights. I reached out to Frosted Faces and they suggested that I try Canna-Pet’s biscuits after I showed her a picture of Bailey almost destroying the spare room in my house after I had been away for just a few hours. He always seemed anxious and didn’t want to be alone, which made me feel sad every time I would leave to go to work.

What was important to you when looking for a solution?

I was looking for a product that was safe, organic, and tasty. Canna-Pet® met all three of those factors.

What other solutions had you tried before you found Canna-Pet®?

I had tried giving Bailey calming chews, but they only helped with the anxiety. Canna-Pet® helped with all the issues that Bailey was experiencing.

Tell us about your experience using Canna-Pet®.

Within a couple of weeks of using Canna-Pet®, I saw huge changes in Bailey. He seemed much more lively and active and slept much more soundly. He also seemed more relaxed when he was crated. Since I started using Canna-Pet®, Bailey climbs up and down the stairs several times a day without assistance. I have to say, I think that Canna-Pet® has been one of the main reasons his quality of life has improved. He eats the biscuits twice a day and loves them!

If Bailey could talk, what would he say about Canna-Pet®?

“Thank you! I feel much better and am so happy to be an active, 16-year-old dog!”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love my Bailey and I am so happy he has had a great year-and-a-half with me. I hope for many more months and years with him thanks to Canna-Pet®!

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