Customer Success Story: Irwin & Corinne

Witnessing your four-legged friend experience a seizure is one of the scariest events a pet owner may face. One moment your beloved pup is sitting or standing normally, while the next they are on the ground in the throes of a seizure. Some dogs may only experience a seizure once in their lives, but in most cases, they occur regularly. And it never gets easier for pet owners to see their furry friends suffer through it.

This was the case for Corinne and her 7-month old deaf Blue Heeler, Irwin. When Corinne noticed that Irwin was beginning to suffer from frequent seizures in October, she gave Canna-Pet® a try. Read her story below:

What was Irwin like before you found Canna-Pet®?

Irwin was having up to eleven Grand Mal seizures a day and experienced extreme disorientation and anxiety after his episodes.

What led you to look for a solution?

After seeing my beloved boy suffering so much, I knew I needed to find a solution quickly!

What was important to you when looking for a solution?

I was looking for something that wouldn’t cause Irwin any ill side effects or pump any harmful chemicals into his body.

Tell us a little bit about your experience using Canna-Pet®.

My experience with Canna-Pet® has been life-changing. When Irwin started experiencing seizures, our vet offered to put him on medication, but told us that it would require routine liver monitoring because the medication causes liver damage. Because Irwin is so young and so special, I did not want to damage his body on top of what he was going through. Canna-Pet® was our solution. We use the MaxCBD oil, the MaxCBD capsules, and the biscuits.

Irwin went from having upwards of eleven seizures a day to now going seizure-free going on eleven days. The seizures he did have while taking Canna-Pet® in the beginning were much milder than the original Grand Mal seizures and the oil and biscuits we gave him after an episode helped coax him out of what used to be a several hour long seizure hangover.

I have gained my sweet Irwin back. His anxiety is almost completely resolved as well. Before Canna-Pet®, he was so anxious from his constant seizing that he would nip whoever was around him.

What other solutions had you tried before you found Canna-Pet®?

We were in the process of consulting our vet who had us keeping a log of his seizure activity. We were offered Phenobarbital as a solution to his seizures. However, we did not want to move forward with that.

On top of the concern for liver damage, I am also on a fixed income and cannot afford the $200-$250 monthly expense that comes with routine blood work and office visits. Canna-Pet® offered me the holistic option I was looking for at an amazing cost.

If Irwin could talk, what would he say about Canna-Pet®?

Irwin would probably say that he loves it and give a very big thank you for giving him his life back.

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