Health Issues:
Naima's Breeds:

I adopted my Pit-Boxer Mix, Naima (photo attached), in Florida when she was about 3-4 months old. We now live in northern NJ, and Naima is almost 4-1/2 years old. Naima is REALLY healthy, but also extremely heat-intolerant (I don’t know how she would have survived if we’d stayed in Florida!). She also always had a great appetite and would do a “kibble-dance” whenever I was about to feed her. I always said that if she EVER seemed unwilling to eat, I would be seriously worried. And then a couple of months, she started to seem uninterested in her food much of the time, so I was very concerned.

Around that same time, she had a couple of seizure-like episodes, which she’d NEVER had before. She didn’t lose consciousness, but she would suddenly start shaking and being unable to stand up or walk, and she seemed really scared. Both times it ended quickly, but it scared me to death anyway!

One other thing–Naima is the sweetest and gentlest dog ever, but she has always been really jumpy; like, if she’s asleep on the bed and my foot suddenly moves under the covers next to her, it’s like a bolt of lightning just hit her! I don’t know why; I think it’s just her innate temperament.

Anyway, after all that had happened, I took Naima to her vet, who did blood work, etc. She didn’t find anything obvious to cause the appetite and seizure issues, but she wanted to monitor the situation. I asked her if she would recommend CBD, as I’d heard it could be helpful with appetite AND seizures. I kind of expected the vet to brush me off, but she immediately said that some of her patients with severe seizure issues had found a lot of success in controlling them with a CBD supplement. I asked her if she could recommend a brand, and she told me that her patients had used Canna-Pet.

I figured it was worth a try, so I bought Naima a 3-pack of CBD biscuits from Canna-Pet. I give her two every morning after breakfast, and she loves them. (She weighs 50 lbs., so she was right at the borderline for the weight for 2 or 3 biscuits twice a day, so I’ve been just giving her two most of the time.)

I can’t say that it’s definitely because of the Canna-Pet biscuits, but Naima’s appetite is back to her voracious normal, and there have been no more seizures. She also seems to have chilled out quite a bit and is much less jumpy. She’s back to her old, healthy, happy self, and a sudden sound or movement doesn’t make her jump out of her skin!

Again, it could be a coincidence, but I was glad to try something that the vet recommended, and all the improvements have started since I started giving her the biscuits daily. So far, so great!