Anxiety Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Mixed

Cody is a beagle Jack Russell mix he is 18 years old for the last year he’s been having the CBD max strength dog biscuits maple flavor it has made a huge difference in his anxiety level and being able to sleep through the night.

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Incontinence Jack Russell Terrier

My 16-year-old Jack Russel, Einstein, was feeling poorly and started peeing in the house at night. Once our vet started him on canna-pet, he brightened up and has been able to get through the night – mostly – again.

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Diabetes Jack Russell Terrier

Our dog Jimi is 14, diabetic and his eye sight is declining to the point where he is afraid to go down the steps and out to the garage. We have bought these treats in the past at a store up town and decided it was time to order some more. It helps so much with his anxiety.

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