Health Issues:
Josie's Breeds:

In 2016, my fifteen-year-old Jack Russel Terrier was diagnosed with kidney failure. The vet suggested that it was time to let her go. That was in January of 2016. While frantically looking for something that would ease her pain, I stumbled upon Canna-pet. I immediately drove out to the spa that was selling it, and brought it home to her. She responded amazingly and immediately! She began to eat, her energy level increased, and we even went on short walks. We got six more very precious months with her, and those last weeks and months were the best we had ever had. Josie made it to her sixteenth birthday, and I will be forever grateful for this small capsule that changed everything for all of us. Now, I have a Shih-tzu who will be twelve years old in July and is dealing with heart disease and breathing problems. I am hopeful that Canna-pet will bring her the same kind of relief and extension of time that we got for Josie. Thank you, Canna-pet. These little babies are so important, and Canna-pet is the real deal!