Girly Girl & Rosie

Girly Girl & Rosie's Breeds:

I recently purchased two boxes of the Canna-Biscuits for two of my dogs.

Girly Girl is a Border Collie mix that is about 8 years old. She has anxiety attacks during thunderstorms (frequent in Alabama) and fireworks. In addition, she starting to have some joint discomfort and stiffness.

Rosie is a Jack Russel/Beagle mix that is about 5 years old. Rosie is down-right terrified during thunderstorms and fireworks – even weather radio alerts send her into a panic attack.

After reading about the benefits of CBD for humans, I later read an article discussing the benefits of CBD for dogs. I thought I would give it a try as it would address both of my dog’s issues. We just finished the the first two boxes of the Canna-Biscuits and we have seen improvements. Did it completely alleviate their problems? No. However, we have seen a marked lessening of the anxiety. And the Girly Girl has been more active and seems to have less pain and stiffness. I give them each two biscuits (as recommended for size/weight) every day. And they really enjoy them, so they must taste good! In addition, customer service and product quality seem to be great. I received my ship timely and in good condition.

We have seen enough of an improvement, and I am more than satisfied with Canna-Pet service and pricing, that I am re-odering two more boxes.