Buddy's Breeds:

I wanted to share with you about Buddy, My pure bred Jack Russell Terrier who is turning 17 this week and feeling great thanks to Canna Pet. He suffers from past Pancreatitis and IBD, and has an incredibly sensitive stomach. He’s been to the ER several times due to these issues.  Since I gave him the CannaPet capsules he’s been more comfortable and his nausea is less and appetite better. He also can’t see very well or hear, he is all nose but still goes bananas to chase cats or burrow his face in holes. I inherited/rescued Buddy when my ex-husbands father died in 2014 in Atlanta, he was rather traumatized and mangy and unhealthy not well kept. I adopted him as my baby and flew him to Southern California 3 years ago, where he currently resides with me Sascha Bullen in Rolling Hills Estates,CA. I love him dearly and I’m trying to give him the most comfortable existence with a limited amount of medication dependency bc he gets so groggy. He is on Gabapentin and Glucosamine. He is 20lbs, and has arthritis and a heart murmur as well about a 4 on a 1-6 scale and of course other ‘other man issues’. I’m thrilled someone referred me to your products.