Harry's Breeds:

This is my dog Harry. He has Squamous Cell Carcinoma a form of skin cancer. We live in Tucson AZ where it is very sunny. A problem for some Hairless dogs. He was first fostered by me thru the Humane Society of So AZ where I worked at the time. His rear leg had to be removed because of a severe large Squamous cell lesion. He has had radiation therapy and cryotherapy in the past for other lesions that arose. I just had to adopt this guy and go further. I then learned about a few holistic approaches from a great Veterinarian who said to research hemp and or hemp oils. Its then I found Canna Pet online. He has been on Canna Pet capsules for over a year now. At one point I took him off and his skin became reddened and very inflamed. He is leading a happy life well balanced by a few supplements that work. Canna pet has truly made a difference in Harry. He will stay on Canna Pet the rest of his life. We both say A BIG Thank you!!!!!!!!