Sadie's Breeds:

My Jack Russell names Sadie was diagnosed with a large tumor attached to her spleen. She was very lethargic, week, completely off of her food, would only drink water and became anemic. We took her to the vet they did a ultrasound and found the tumor. They basically told us to take her home there wasn’t much to do but an operation and at her age of almost 15 yrs old the outcome may not be good. We started her on 3 drops 3 times a day. I noticed improvement in her mood and was optimistic we kept up the treatment of CBD oil from Canna-pet and in just a few weeks ( about ¾ of the bottle used ) I am happy to say she is walking and running around is back going on walks with me and is able to leap to the couch and bed unassisted. The ultrasound and vet bills came to almost $600 and was worth knowing what her problem was the operation would have been 10 times that and even though u say u will do everything for your fur babies sometimes its just not possible. Thank you so much for your product and the chance to have her for awhile longer and what seems to be a pain free life full of energy and an appetite.