Health Issues:
Sherman's Breeds:

Meet Sherman! Sherman is a 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog that was recently diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma. He has a baseball size mass in his right pelvis. Due to the location and the fact that it’s metastasized, surgery is not an option. Sherman limped because the mass is pressing on his spine. He is currently undergoing chemo and recently completed a round of radiation.

We began giving Sherman Canna-Pet drops 3x day before he started chemo. His limp subsided within days of using the oil and he’s as active as a 9 year old Berner is – he does enjoy his sleep! He is able to get up and down stairs much easier since he started using the oil. His appetite has also remained healthy during his treatments.

I am convinced the CBD oil has enhanced the quality of his life and I will continue to use it for the remainder of his life. BTW, his oncologist gave me a thumbs up when I asked about using CBD oil and particularly Canna-Pet.