Manhattan's Breeds:

Manhattan has been getting two biscuits with each meal for about 4 weeks. At first I didn’t see much change in his level of anxiety. He was still reluctant to get out of the car, to go out in the yard if the neighbor dogs were barking, and would hide from people coming in the house. The first way I could tell that they were making a difference was that he was no longer carrying his ears against his head (as you see in this photo). I take a lot of pictures of my dogs and very rarely did I get one of him with his ears showing–even when making funny noises to get his attention. But after being on the treats for a couple weeks, I noticed that after 3 years of taking his picture I was getting pictures with ears! Yay! He is going outside even with barking dogs, getting out of the car in new places, and was relaxed enough at the vet that he didn’t hide under my chair. Even thunderstorm phobia has improved a little bit . Will be trying the liquid before the next storm to see if it helps.