Woody's Breeds:

This is Woody he’s 14 years of age and from Kent in the UK, Woody was virtually crippled with arthritis in his knees and hips, we had tried everything from pet painkilling medication, natural remedies, and hydrotherapy, some things worked for a short while but he would always seem to revert back to the pain. It was heartbreaking to watch him change from an outgoing happy little Jack Russell to a grouchy old man who hated walks.
Then we had Canna Pet Advanced capsules suggested to us, I worried it would be a struggle as he doesn’t like taking tablets but the capsules were definitely small dog friendly I just pop one into his food twice a day and he takes them no problem. He’s now out walking with the rest of my dogs and is back to his happy self, he has a new lease of life. So thank you guys at Canna Pet so much for giving me my best walking buddy back.