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how often should I walk my dog?
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I have two working terrier mixes. We recently started them on canna pet to help them “ turn off” their drive to work when it is quitting time. We live in the New England area and during the cold winters my girls work overtime keeping our farm vermin free. They work 7 days a week and for as many hours a day as possible. They patrol our orchard to cull voles that damage the trees. They patrol our aviary and storage area to protect my laying hens from voles mice and rats. They also patrol our basement storage , well house, wood storage and cellar/pantry storage.

As you can see they are very busy and they love what they do! But when it is bed time we need them to actually relax and sleep so they don’t work themselves to the point of exhaustion.

They get their choice of Canna-Pet pill or Canna-Pet biscuit twice a day.

My girls are now more relaxed and are free robe the cuddle bunnies they are other times of the year when they aren’t so busy protecting our farm. They sleep through the night every night. And most importantly they let mama and papa sleep through the night without waking us up to start patrols at 2:30am!

Thank you for making this product available. My dogs are less anxious, calmer and happier. This is the first time in the 6 years we’ve had them that all of us are sleeping through the night.