Sheila's Breeds:

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my girl’s story! Sheila came to us a few years ago, we guessed her age was around 5 at the time. About 3 years ago she injured her leg which landed her in the vet’s office… her xrays showed there was no tissue damage but it did show the beginning stages of arthritis in her back legs. She was so quiet, never allowing us to know she was in pain. Not long afterwards she started slowing down… the past several months have become much harder for her. She started wetting everywhere. I took her back to the vet for tests. No bladder infection, blood tests were perfect. The doc told me about these prescriptions they could give her but they were potentially damaging to her liver so regular tests would have to be performed for her liver values. I wasn’t about to put her body through that kind of risk. One day our roommate, who is an advocate for using natural remedies, brought us a box of Canna Pet cookies to try. Within the first day of two treatments, Sheila stopped wetting everywhere and could stand up much easier. She also greeted me like a puppy when I got home from work, running through the house! Now I’ve had her on the cookies for a couple of months and she STILL acts like a puppy! I’m now signing her up for auto-ship to ensure she always has her relief on tap. You guys have created a miracle product with those cookies and have given my girl so much life back. I can’t thank you all enough for what you do. Sheila is my first dog, but she’s also my daughter, she’s family. Thank you for giving her quality of life back!