Kekos' Breeds:

Our dog Kekos had multiple cancers and still has tumors on her liver but despite all that , she has a great energy and above all when we know that more than one year ago, doctors thought she has little time left to live, just few months. Also because of her liver cancer, a cutaneous tumor appeared and the canna-pet really helped in dissolving it almost completely, but not only, She also has retrieved the behavior she had when she was a baby, sometimes happily running in all directions and playing on her own looking at us… For now, she doesn’t feel pain and we feed her with hepatic dry food. On some rare occasions she can be gastrically disturbed so we give her gastric gel before meals. I am pretty sure that without Canna-pet, her cancer would grow much more faster. Considering that she has a fragile digestive system, the fact that canna-pet can be found in capsule form is perfect for her, I don’t think her liver would handle Hemp oil.