Kelsey's Breeds:

We started using your product for our nearly 16 year old female German Shorthair Pointer, Kelsey, last month after she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Because of her advanced age, we, along with her vet, decided not to seek additional treatment. She was still eating and got around quite well considering she was only using 3 legs. Our main objective has been to make her as comfortable as possible and to mitigate any pain she may experience. I then went on a search for a supplement that would make her as comfortable as possible while not interfering with her Rimadyl and future pain medication. I was thrilled to find Canna-pet!! We started with the Advanced capsule two times a day and saw an immediate improvement on the amount of weight she would put on her leg. She also seemed to have a quite a bit more energy. We recently began also giving her the Maple Bacon Advanced biscuits. She LOVES the flavor and I have to say it’s amazing what both of these products have done for her!! Clearly it’s not going to cure her at this point – but that was never our objective; our objective was to give her the best quality of life for whatever time she has left. And I feel that giving her the Advanced capsules with the Maple Bacon Advanced biscuits has allowed us to do just that!! I also have to say that when I was trying to decide on the best products to give her, I emailed customer service and not only did I receive a reply that same day, BUT it was a thorough and very helpful reply; not a generic “Thank you for contacting us” reply. My husband and I were both very impressed with the level of customer service this one email displayed. When Kelsey was diagnosed back in August, we had our doubts that she would still be with us today but I am happy to report that today is her 16th birthday and she is alert, mobile, active AND her tail still wags 100 miles an hour!!! Thank you for a great product!!