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Aging, Pain, Seizures Poodle

our orders later, we thank canna-pet for giving us our Sunday back. His mobility has greatly improved, he has better eyesight, and has not suffered seizures.

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Seizures Pug

Implementing the CBD pills has enabled us to significantly decrease his seizure incidents AND phenobarbital dosage, which is wonderful since the pharmaceutical drug is hard for the liver to process.

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Seizures Pomeranian

Manis went from having multiple seizures a day to just one and it’s not as severe! Some days, she won’t even have a seizure. It helps with her anxiety as well. I would highly recommend Canna-Pet!!!

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Seizures Mixed, Chihuahua

I heard about Cannapet for seizures and started her on it. Almost a year later is is only taking .3ml of seizure meds and 1 capsule am and pm of cannapet. She has had only 1 seizure that I know of and it was very mild. I will continue her cannapet for as long as she is with me. She loves the biscuits too!

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Seizures Australian Shepherd, Pug, Mixed

When she started to have them more frequently I decided to try canna pet. She now goes from 10-13 days with a seizure. A big change from every 4-5 days. Though I wish the distance between each get seizure was longer , I am grateful that something is working better than all others that we have tried.

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Seizures Shih Tzu, Mixed

I knew I needed something more permanent (if it was out there), so I visited a local holistic vet who recommended Canna-Pet. I won’t deny I was skeptical at first, but after giving it a try, I discovered it was a life-changer! Mo has gone from having sometimes 10 seizures a month, to maybe 3-4 a year!

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Seizures Border Collie

He develop epilepsy at the age of 5 and until we started with Cannapet his seizures were very close together in time. Since Canna-Pet we have been able to extend the time span between episodes.

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Seizures Shih Tzu

I decided to try Canna-Pet max oil for my 14 yr old dog who suffers from seizures, which just started out of the blue this past December. Even with meds prescribed from the vet, seizures were still about 2-3 times a day! After about a week on the Max oil, his seizures have went down to about 2-3 per week!

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Happy has had a clean bill of health Seizure Free for almost two years now.
Thank you Canna Pet.

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Aging, Appetite, Nausea, Pain, Seizures Siberian Husky

I am very pleased with how she has responded to Canna-Pet products. It has given me 7 months (and counting) I wouldn’t have had on conventional medicines and she seems to like the flavor of the oil, licking it directly from the spoon. We use the Canna-Pet pills 2 times a day about 12 hours apart, supplementing with the oil on as needed basis.

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Seizures Beagle

We purchased your canna-pet capsules and started Melky after a seizure on May 5, 2017. He had one more seizure less than an hour later and has been seizure free since that moment. It is over 13 months and not a single seizure! We are amazed and beyond ecstatic!

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Seizures Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese

Herky has been seizure free for 7 months as he continues to take his daily capsule. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have learned about Canna-Pet. No side effects + minimal to no seizures =’s happy fur parents.

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Seizures Chihuahua

our products significantly lower the seizure threshold and the quantity of seizures as well as stress in between. I am SO thankful for you and your products.

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Seizures Standard Schnauzer

Canna pet has done wonders for my dog. After 2 months on 4 pills of advanced small we went from having 2/3 seizures sometimes in a day or 2, to only 3 in a month. It’s a great product!

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Seizures Dalmatian

Since we have started her on Canna-Pet’s biscuits she has not had a seizure. Thank you canna-pet for having this item to help our pup.

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Seizures American Pit Bull Terrier

I can definitely tell an enormous difference and I’m hoping to eventually pull him off the vet prescribed medicine entirely and i plan on keeping him on the canna-pet products for the rest of his life.

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Seizures American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

Thank you so much for offering an alternative to questionable medications with side effects, it’s such a relief to be able to give my sweet boy something that wouldn’t harm him and is found in hemp!

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Showing 73 – 96 of 185 Testimonials