Health Issues:

I am Happy The Chi.
I live in Hong Kong. I am 9.
Mommy has given me your biscuits as I have Seizures.
I have had a clean bill of health Seizure Free for almost two years now.
Thank you Canna Pet.
I was finally diagnosed with Cushings after a long while trying to pin down what caused my seizures. and then Diabetes followed, and am still on the turkey biscuits. (although I love peanut butter and bacon more)
Mommy is trying to put me on a strict diet in order to regulate my blood glucose.
Hopefully will be soon, it has been 3 months with new diets and adjusting and changing insulin.
It is no fun having Mommy and Daddy taking my blood every 2 hours to check my blood glucose curve.

And also on behalf of my 3 elderly chis 14 years young aunties, they thank you too, Canna Pet Biscuits is helping them overcome their discomfort due to “seniority”.

Again, thank you all.
Hugs and Smooches,
The Sungs Chis, Mommy & Daddy