Health Issues:
Herky's Breeds:

We welcomed Herky into our lives in June of 2007 and around the time Herky turned 3 he began to start having seizures. At first it was sporadic, happening randomly every few months but as time went on he began to have them more frequently. We took him to the local vet where, after looking him over, they suggested putting him on Phenobarbital. We started this immediately not know of any alternative options at the time. After a few months on phenobarb his seizure frequency began to pick back up. The local vet recommendation was to up his dosage level of phenobarb. We went through this process over a 12 month period where his dosage was increased 3 different times. We noticed Herky becoming lethargic, restless and became aware of the possible long term liver damage effects if he were to stay on this path. Something needed to change. I was sharing our concerns and frustrations with a close friend, Tommy Tizzle, and he had suggested reaching out to a company called Canna-pet he had heard about through a friend. After a phone call consultation we decided to give it a try, listening to the recommendations of weening Herky off the phenobarbital over a period of time to allow his body to adjust accordingly. Over a 6 month period in 2012 we began lowering the dosage of the phenobarbital, giving Herky one canna-pet capsule a day and eventually had him only on the Canna-pet. We noticed a difference immediately after only a few weeks on Canna-pet. With phenobarbital, Herky was experiencing 3-4 seizures per month. Since being on Canna-Pet he is experience 3-4 per year! Fast forward 6 years later to the present. Herky has been seizure free for 7 months as he continues to take his daily capsule. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have learned about Canna-Pet. No side effects + minimal to no seizures =’s happy fur parents.