KC's Breeds:

I rescued KC just over 1 year ago. I was not informed as to any medical conditions she may be suffering. When i picked her up from vet office, i noticed a pronounced limp in front leg. I was told it was arthritis. Trusting the vet’s diagnosis I put her in back seat (with help of a friend). After getting her home I realized that she was more than arthritic or so it seemed and I contacted vet office to talk about her “arthritis”. They reiterated their arthritis diagnosis. If I had known how horribly she limped and after studying her for just a day it became obvious one could see how one shoulder was as the bulldog standard showed and the other was almost flat against her body on the leg that limped. At that juncture and knowing I was not financially able to offer her a surgery option, and further assured of the knowledge that at least she was better off with me I turned to Canna Pet gladly looking for something to try to reduce her pain at least. I am now ordering my 3rd bottle of Canna pet advanced capsules for dogs. So thank you Canna Pet for having the source for my sweet KC to be relieved of done pain. All I see is that although she of course still limps, I see her walking with less pain on her sweet face. As far as mobility goes we now have a beautiful red wagon a neighbor made for her with walls around the sides and a ramp that attaches to my 3 back steps so she she carefully step into her wagon and off we go walking KC around our neighborhood. Thank you Canna-Pet KC and her mom Sandy