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Canna-Pet CBD pills have been a game changer for our 18 year old pug, Butters. Implementing the CBD pills has enabled us to significantly decrease his seizure incidents AND phenobarbital dosage, which is wonderful since the pharmaceutical drug is hard for the liver to process. For anyone who also has their pets on phenobarbital for seizures, you know about having to do routine blood work to check the drug level in the blood. Butters started out at blood level 14, which is mid-level. We introduced CBD pills and were able to decrease his phenobarbital dosage, resulting blood level at 10. A year after CBD introduction and some additional adjustments to the CBD pill dosage, his phenobarbital dosage was further decreased, resulting in blood level at 4.6 with no compromise to his seizure incidents. The CBD pills are also helpful in managing his arthritis!