Health Issues:
Izzy's Breeds:

This Is Izzy (aka Handsome) and he resides in Pennsylvania. Izzy is our 11 year old chocolate lab and he is true perfection. Izzy was diagnosed on July 5th with lymphoma. We decided against chemotherapy as we did not want to have him go through that at this stage in his life. He is presently being maintained on Prednisone and Canna-Pet Advanced Max and is doing GREAT! We know the prognosis of lymphoma is poor, but feel his quality of life on Canna-Pet Advanced Max is so much better than if he was not taking it. Izzy is happy, interested in going on walks and has the appetite of a champion. We truly feel Canna-Pet is a God send and is helping Izzy be comfortable in this last stage of his life. Thanks for offering this product!