Shy's Breeds:

In the spring of 2017 my 14 year old 65 pound husky shepherd mix was suffering from pain and inflammation from 2 previous ACL surgeries. She wasn’t responding to the meds by the vet and different symptoms continued to add up. By fall, she was vomiting bile, so another med was added. Her appetite diminished and she started having small seizures when startled. She really didn’t move much, choosing a central location in the house where she could observe the daily routine. She no longer followed me room to room or showed interest in walks. I contacted my vet in late November to discuss home euthanasia after she stopped eating. While I waited for a call back, I got on the internet looking for something, anything that could help and ran across Canna-Pet. My first order arrived 1 Dec 2017 and WOW!!! within a few days I saw very positive results. Her appetite returned, she started asking (barking at the door) for daily walks, interacted with the other dogs and greeted visitors to our home with husky vocalizations and tail wags. I stopped the nausea drugs within a week of starting Canna-Pet and have not used it again since. The seizures slowed and over a couple of months, seizure activity had ceased all together. As a retired exotic animal care professional, I keep very detailed notes on her that include appetite, stool and urine output, attitude, ability to move and any observations of decline. At over 14 years old, I know that our time is growing short and I am realistic that no matter how much I love her, she won’t last forever. That time will come when we have to say good bye, but in the mean time, I am very pleased with how she has responded to Canna-Pet products. It has given me 7 months (and counting) I wouldn’t have had on conventional medicines and she seems to like the flavor of the oil, licking it directly from the spoon. We use the Canna-Pet pills 2 times a day about 12 hours apart, supplementing with the oil on as needed basis. To be fully honest, I did try another brand of pet cbd oil from a local store for a couple weeks. I did not see the same results and have discontinued that brand and returned to Canna-Pet. I have included a photo of two of my Shy, the 14 y.o. on the right and her pack mate Sasha on the left during a car ride earlier this year. Thank you Canna-Pet for a great product!