Sophie's Breeds:

This is Sophie, 12 year old miniature schnauzer, who relocated this past year to Virginia Beach from upstate NY. Sophie suffers from separation anxiety, as well as, some minor stiffness in her back legs. We used to not be able to leave her alone for any amount of time without her constantly whining and barking, especially after leaving her cat siblings and the home she has known for so long. We tried everything! From thunder shirts to other claming remedies, you name it, we tried it! We had tried another CBD treat, but were frustrated with the lack of doasge guidelines so we were never really sure if they were working. After much searching we found Canna-pet and I could not be happier! When we leave it is no longer heart breaking listening to her cry, instead she waits for her treats by her bed and when we come home no more howling, just a friendly greeting! She loves the flavors and a few added bonuses helps the stiffness in her legs and helps keep her skin from drying out! Overall we absolutely love this product! Maple bacon is her favorite!