Health Issues:
Sunday's Breeds:

Sunday is our 18 year old poodle. In the past few years, we noticed that his mobility was becoming more limited due to hip pain. Our once active, hyper dog could no longer climb the stairs, run in the park, or play with his toys. We knew that due to his age, there was probably not much we would be able to do. He had also suffered from a seizure at the age of 17, leading us to put him on medication. A friend of ours recommended canna-pet for his pain and seizure management. Our first order was the advanced small tablets and biscuits. Four orders later, we thank canna-pet for giving us our Sunday back. His mobility has greatly improved, he has better eyesight, and has not suffered seizures. He continues to have a great appetite, he is alert, and has a much better sleep. We have recommended canna-pet to all family and friends. Thanks canna pet!