Ori's Breeds:

Ori is a one-year-old German Shepherd, whom I rescued as a puppy. She has a history of abuse, which naturally led to severe fear-reactivity and separation anxiety. Socializing Ori has been difficult because she becomes so anxious in the presence of other people and dogs. Similarly, leaving her home alone always resulted in something being destroyed due to her anxiety and fear of abandonment. While she has gotten better with time, persistence, and positive-reinforcement, I definitely notice a substantial difference with Canna-Pet’s Max biscuits in the bacon flavor. I’ve also used the normal strength biscuits, but she has EPI and sometimes they would aggravate that since she needed three. One of the max is perfect for her! Typically, we’ll go for a couple mile run, then I’ll give her one before leaving the house or before going to the park. While she’s still herself, it takes more to get her worked up than it normally does. This has been a huge help; thank you!!