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Hi this is Susie and she is a 9 yr old Chi-Pug mixture. She is a rescue from a local foster rescue group in Ft Lauderdale FL. About a year ago she had her first seizure, and within 2 weeks she had another. We took her to the Vet, and she was put on 1.3 ml of seizure medicine. It worked but she had to urinate ALOT and began having frequent “accidents” in the house. I heard about Cannapet for seizures and started her on it. Almost a year later is is only taking .3ml of seizure meds and 1 capsule am and pm of cannapet. She has had only 1 seizure that I know of and it was very mild. She is not urinating in house, still has occasional “accident” but nothing like before. She seems more active and playful. I will continue her cannapet for as long as she is with me. She loves the biscuits too!