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Snowy & Snickers

Anxiety, Pain Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Snowy, a 7-year-old-yellow Lab Mix, has been deaf and blind since birth. I started using Canna-Pet a few months ago and I have actually seen a difference in her moods for the first time! She has been calmer and more loving and doesn’t always ‘freak out’ when unexpectedly touched.  I added in the biscuits this past month and both of my dogs love them!

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Arthritis, Bone Cancer, Cancer Labrador Retriever, Mixed

My 12-year-old Lab Mix, Cocoa, was diagnosed with metastasized bone cancer one and a half years ago. I KNOW Canna-Pet has helped Cocoa BECOME TOTALLY CANCER FREE by giving ONLY all natural supplements!  Canna-Pet CBD Oil has ALSO REALLY helped her with her arthritis!

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Miller & Guinness

Arthritis, Mobility Issues, Pain Brittany, Mixed, Rat Terrier

My 13-year-old Brittany Spaniel Mix was suffering from horrible arthritis pain which made it difficult for him to walk. In August 2018, we began using Canna-Pet Advanced capsules; and were able to get him off of all the pills almost immediately with no noticeable side effects! We’re so happy with the benefits, that Canna-Pet was our first choice for our now 14-year-old Rat Terrier when she needed arthritis meds. 

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Misty & Teddy

Arthritis, Eyelid and Eyelash Problems, Hip Dysplasia (HD), Inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Mobility Issues Belgian Sheepdog, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Mixed

My 11-year-old Belgian Shepherd, Misty, was born with disabling hips and developed severe IBS a few years ago. She has been on Canna-Pet for three weeks and has started to gallop across the yard for no particular reason. Teddy is an English Shepherd, guessing 11years old. He had an emergency dental, has an eye specialist treating an eye inflammatory condition and has arthritis. Now he really runs around a happy boy! So within 3 weeks I have seen the clear benefits of using Canna-Pet!

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lump, Mobility Issues Mastiff, Mixed

I’ve been on Canna-Pet CBD oil for one year after a lump was found on my neck and I was struggling to run around. Now, I’m lump free and enjoy hours running on the beach!

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Hyperactive, Seizures American Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer, Mixed

I bought Naima a 3-pack of CBD biscuits from Canna-Pet and her appetite is back to her voracious normal, and there have been no more seizures. She also seems to have chilled out quite a bit and is much less jumpy. All the improvements have started since I started giving her the biscuits daily.

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Cluster Seizures, Seizures Border Collie, Mixed

Apollo is an adorable Border Collie mix who started having seizures around 4 years old. I decided to try adding the Advanced MaxCBD capsules into the mix to see if it would help. We started this in January and since then, we’ve gotten about eight weeks between seizures and the first time he had a seizure after starting the CBD, we were able to get him out of it by just giving him extra Keppra between his other meds.

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Mobility Issues Chihuahua, Pug, Mixed

I noticed he started slowing down and refusing to come with me some days. After a few weeks of Canna-pet treats in his diet (which he devours) he acts like a spring chicken and even jumps on the couch and bed. We thank you Canna-Pet!

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Epilepsy, Seizures Dachshund, Mixed

He has been epileptic his entire life and about a year ago the frequency of his seizures increased dramatically. We added in the Canna-Pet biscuits. He gets 2 biscuits, morning and night. Since then he’s been able to go for months instead of weeks without seizures.

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Arthritis, Cancer Rottweiler, Mixed

I started to give Annie CBD oil in addition to her meds. Annie is still with us, and she is happy and has quality of life. Her motricity is worse due to the arthritis, but she is not in pain, has good appetite and looks happy. By the way, the last time she got a chest X-ray, the tumor didn’t show any substantial change in size in compared to the size it had at diagnosis time.

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Showing 1 – 24 of 225 Testimonials