Apollo's Breeds:

Apollo is an adorable Border Collie mix who started having seizures around 4 years old. Managing the seizures through meds has provided quite some challenges and he continues to have seizures on a fairly regular cycle. At first, we were going about 3-4 weeks between seizures. Sometimes, we’d get lucky and go six weeks, but when the seizures begin, they cluster and we have issues getting them stopped as time went on. Getting an injection of Keppra at the vets is the only way we’ve gotten him snapped out of it sometimes. He currently is on Keppra XR, Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide – taking these twice a day.

I decided to try adding the Advanced MaxCBD capsules into the mix to see if it would help. We started this in January and since then, we’ve gotten about eight weeks between seizures and the first time he had a seizure after starting the CBD, we were able to get him out of it by just giving him extra Keppra between his other meds. Two months later, we had to go back to the vet for the injectible Keppra, but the fact that we are at about two months between seizure clusters is so much better than it was! I’m going to try giving him the CBD biscuits, especially around the time we know the next bout may happen and see if it helps.