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ACL, Arthritis, back leg, mobility issues Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Mixed

When Hazel was younger, she had torn both her ACLs at different times and had cruciate surgery on both. Recently, she walked around the park by our house, which is the longest walk she has done in a year! She has more energy because she is feeling better. It seems like she is a couple years younger :).

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Misty & Teddy

Arthritis, Eyelid and Eyelash Problems, Hip Dysplasia (HD), Inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), mobility issues Belgian Sheepdog, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Mixed

My 11-year-old Belgian Shepherd, Misty, was born with disabling hips and developed severe IBS a few years ago. She has been on Canna-Pet for three weeks and has started to gallop across the yard for no particular reason. Teddy is an English Shepherd, guessing 11years old. He had an emergency dental, has an eye specialist treating an eye inflammatory condition and has arthritis. Now he really runs around a happy boy! So within 3 weeks I have seen the clear benefits of using Canna-Pet!

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Anxiety, mobility issues Australian Shepherd

I can’t believe the difference this has made in Gracies life! She’s a 10 year old Aussie. Her barking has decreased by 75% and she’s not as sore or stiff, Canna-Pet has changed her life!

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Anxiety Australian Shepherd

When we brought her to the vet in June 2018, he instantly recommended Canna-Pet products to help her calm down. We started her almost 30 days ago and the results were amazing. This is a different dog and she looks forward to her dosages in the morning and night. The effect on our dog was unimaginable.

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Seizures Australian Shepherd, Pug, Mixed

When she started to have them more frequently I decided to try canna pet. She now goes from 10-13 days with a seizure. A big change from every 4-5 days. Though I wish the distance between each get seizure was longer , I am grateful that something is working better than all others that we have tried.

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Anxiety, Separation Anxiety Australian Shepherd

Putting Jax on Canna Pet, has been one of the best decisions I have made for him. He is a much happier dog. We never come home to accidents in the house anymore, things destroyed, or items knocked off the counters or tables.

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Pain Australian Shepherd

I would like to say that we are very pleased with the results of the Canna-Pet treats.
Autumn has a rear leg injury that limits her playtime. When she comes inside she receives the relief she needs.

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Anxiety, Phobias, Thunderstorm Anxiety Australian Shepherd

After being on the treats for a couple weeks, I noticed that after 3 years of taking his picture I was getting pictures with ears! Yay! He is going outside even with barking dogs, getting out of the car in new places, and was relaxed enough at the vet that he didn’t hide under my chair.

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Showing 1 – 24 of 30 Testimonials