Bandit, Copper, and Baby Logan

Bandit, Copper, and Baby Logan's Breeds:

My 3 amazing Australian Shepherds love the Canna-Pet Cookies and I feel good knowing ( from all the research I’ve done) that I am doing something great for their health and longevity. So happy we found Canna-Pet. From the left is Bandit, Copper In the middle and the Baby Logan on the right. We are in the central valley in Modesto Ca. We were introduced to Canna-Pet from a friend when our oldest Bandit was diagnosed with noise phobia. We purchased the hemp oil and it’s like having our amazing boy back. The noise phobia had gotten so bad I couldn’t even take a picture of him because the shutter noise scared him. And then after doing some research concerning hemp oil, I have implemented hemp oil and cookies into all 3 of my boys regimen. And SO far they are all healthy and doing great. So thank you Canna-Pet