Max's Breeds:

This is Max who turned 15 in April. (of course we had a party, including 250 of his favorite thing, tennis balls!) Max has developed arthritis and a sensitive stomach over the years. I have tried many prescription on non prescription meds for him, either they didn’t work or they would upset his stomach further. After hearing about hemp oil I did some research on how to obtain it. your website came up, i went with the capsules, advanced formula for large dogs since putting the oil on his food wasn’t going to work for him. He gets 2 capsules once a day, 12 hours apart. within 24 hours he was sleeping sounder and had no upset tummy! He was eating his food in one sitting instead of grazing all day, but most importantly he wasn’t struggling to get up from a laying down position, or to get on or off the couch.
Thank you so much for giving me more time with the #1 man in my life. Without your pills I don’t know what I would have had to do.