Murdock's Breeds:

Murdock is less than a year old but Canna-Pet has already been such a lifesaver. We use it for our older dog as well and have seen tremendous results for allergies and anxiety..that’s why when Murdock first began getting car sick and showing signs of anxiety when we left him alone at hime, we instantly turned to Canna-Pet. Murry gets one Canna-Pet biscuit every morning before we leave the home and we have noticed that he is noticeably more calm when we get home and he now RUNS into his crate because he knows it is Canna-Pet treat time! We also use the Advanced Large Capsules for him whenever we travel. Murdock receives on pill ~30 minutes before we leave the home and he has not gotten sick once! He also seems more relaxed in the car now and actually falls asleep rather than pacing. We always bring them with us anytime we travel! This stuff is AMAZING!!