Alaska's Breeds:

Alaska has always been an energetic dog. She loves to run, play tug-o-war, and chase the squirrels in the backyard. When Alaska was 7 she had her first ACL surgery on her left knee. And while she healed fine, she wasn’t quite the same. It was harder for her to get up and lay down. She seemed a bit more grumpy. And wasn’t interested in running around our rough terrain back yard like she used to. Enter canna-pet! After a few days eating the canna-pet biscuit her spirits became brighter, she moved like before the surgery, and she was eager to keep the yard squirrel free again! I have kept her on canna-pet biscuits ever since! She recently had a check up with her vet who commented on how young Alaska acted. She moved like a dog half her age and still had the attitude of a puppy. I recommend canna-pet to all dog owners who have dogs that have joint problems, surgeries, anxiety, inflammation, etc. the quality of life improvement is just astounding. Thanks canna-pet!