Sgt. White Pepper

Sgt. White Pepper's Breeds:

Dear Canna-Pet Family,
We began using your product a few months ago in an attempt to help our vivacious dog Sgt. White Pepper. Since he was only 8 weeks old, he’s been a very cautious dog. He’s wary of strangers and other dogs and seems on edge when not in his ideal home environment. As a dachshund/corgi/papillon mix, he also has a moderate case of dwarfism in his front legs, which means their structure is such that his elbows become dislocated easily. The last time it happened was just before we started giving him Canna-Pet. We were hiking up a local butte near our house. It’s an intense 500-foot climb but straightforward. Sgt. White Pepper, in typical fashion, was leading the pack, the happiest dog in the world (as he always is when in nature). The smile on his face was priceless. Alas, when we were ready to descend, just 20 feet into the trip back, his little front legs gave out and he face-planted. He mustered up all his energy and tried again and again until he finally turned toward me and indicated for me to pick him up, which he only does when he’s in a moderate amount of pain. He was not going to be able to do the decent no matter how much his little heart wanted it. We had to keep him crated for a few hours over the next few days to allow his legs to recover. That’s when we started giving him Canna-Pet. I thought about all the inflammation that must be going on in his legs and body and about his anxiety levels. I knew there must be a way to help him. We already make homemade dog food for his sensitive tummy. Hemp  seemed like the next right step after all the research we had been doing. Since that day on the butte, Sgt. White Pepper has not had a significant falling incident. He recovers more quickly after long hikes and his anxiety levels are much lower. I didn’t realize the effect it was truly having on his anxiety until we ran out of Canna-Pet a week ago. We give him canna-pet daily to manage his general anxiety and in the week that he’s gone without, everyday Sgt. White Pepper has experienced more jumpiness, fear of sounds, and random barking outbursts. I am so grateful to have access to Canna-Pet, which has improved Sgt. White Pepper’s life by giving him physical and emotional freedom. Thank you for this product!