Cody's Breeds:

In September 2017, Cody was diagnosed with cancer in his right shoulder. Cody had been favoring his front right side and limping for about a month before we had taken him in. We were given two different pain medications and a muscle relaxer for him. After a few weeks there was no change in Cody. I began to research hemp for pets after watching a segment on our local news station. Come to find out, our local veterinarian we use sells Canna-Pet! We decided to purchase a months worth to see if this would be an improvement from the hard pain medication he was prescribed. We are now 5 months later from the Veterinarian diagnosing Cody with cancer and a month to live. Cody’s cancer has not gone away and will continue to spread; however, he does not limp, he is more energetic, his skin is not dry and he has a shiny coat (we used to have to give him essential oils for this)! We were given one month for Cody; now, five months later, Cody is going strong and looking great! Hands down to Canna-Pet! We continue to give Cody his muscle relaxer twice a day with his advanced Canna-Pet capsules. During lunch he always looks forward to his Canna-Pet Max maple bacon dog treat!!

Thank you Canna-Pet!!!

Ryan, Nicole, Cierra and Keilah