Health Issues:
Sam's Breeds:

We adopted Sam over a year ago. He is a senior dog, who had suffered extreme abuse by his previous owners. When we brought him home, he had broken ribs, was severely under weight, had a double ear infection with pus leaking out of both ears and onset hearing loss. He flinched at just about any small movement and he had extreme food aggression because his previous owners had starved him. He also had PTSD and would wake up in the middle of night, screaming, where we couldn’t calm him down from his nightmares. On top of all of this, he has hip dysplasia, which is common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Well, our last year with Sam has been exhausting, to say the least. We tried absolutely everything to help with his emotional, behavioral and physical issues. After doing a lot of research on Cannabis Oil, we decided to put Sam on hemp oil. He has now been on hemp oil for over two weeks and the difference is astounding. He is calm and happy. No more food aggression. No more night terrors. No PTSD. He can finally walk down the stairs and his hips don’t hurt. He wants to play. PLAY! HE. CAN. RUN. NOW! Because of Cana-Pet oil, Sam can now be a normal, pain free dog. I cannot say enough good things about Canna-Pet hemp oil. It made a difference for our Sammy. And before anyone starts with the “You gave your dog pot?” comments, hemp oil is 100% legal. (Google it…GOOGLE IT!) I just wanted to share Sam’s story and hopefully his experience can help other dogs.