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Our beautiful Golden, Lucee started her idiosyncratic seizure disorder just after turning two. 4 years and 3 NeuroVeterinarians, countless thousands of very expensive medications, and as many as 18 seizures in a day, Lucee’s ISD continued unabated. We start treating her Advanced Max oil about a year ago, giving her the recommended dosage twice per day and this helped with the intensity of the seizures and the length between clusters, but Lucee continued to seize about every 10-14 days. About three weeks ago she started having clusters, seizing every 15-20 minutes. We followed the vet orders and gave her Rx medications, but they didn’t help. Beside myself with helplessness, I grabbed the oil and but a 1/2 dropper full in her mouth. She stopped seizing. As is her pattern, she seized again 10 hours later, again, the Max oil stopped the seizures. While we don’t hope for her seizures to stop completely, we are so happy that we can finally control the clusters and give her some relief. Her personality is starting to come back and it is wonderful to see that happy smile and wagging tail. Thank you Canna-Pet.