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Myjoy lost her dear mommy to stage four breast cancer! She’s a 6 month old Yorkie my husband and I was asked to take care of her for the rest of her life, When we took this tiny 2 pound baby girl home she was so nervous and had so much anxiety! We tried everything possible to calm this baby, All she knew was her mommy she went to room after room in our home looking for her mommy it was very sad to watch! We took her to the vet tried different medications you name it and sadly to say nothing worked for us she just got worse she would not eat or drink all she wanted was her mommy…. We called our local pet rescue to see if they could help the woman on the phone asked have I tried Canna-Pet and she gave us the web sight! We decided to give it a try!! after reading some of the success stories and about the products! Since using Canna-Pet MyJoy is so much calmer and is able to relax soooo much better it’s amazing how good this stuff is she has settled in so well eating and drinking good! Thank you so much Canna-Pet we really love the transparency education and all the great information provided with this product Canna-Pet products……. MYJOY would love to tell you right now if she was able to talk. Thank you so much Canna-Pet you are the best. And I will shower you with her sweet little puppy kisses. Canna-Pet sure made a big different in Myjoy’s life. We can’t thank you enough….