Nana's Breeds:

We are currently on our second month of Canna-Pet for our almost 15 year old Golden Retriever, Nana. She is the most resilient, intelligent and stubborn Golden we have ever met! We adopted her when she was two years old from a family who couldn’t keep her and she has been adventuring with us ever since. As a calm, rock solid temperament dog, she has been a pleasure to take everywhere from dog beaches to tasting rooms in Napa Valley. She even spent a few years accompanying me to work as a therapy dog in Speech and Language therapy sessions.

Unfortunately, about 3 years ago we almost lost Nana to Immune Mediated Hemolitic Anemia. She required two blood transfusions and many months of very serious medications. Given her age, it was a miracle that she pulled through and returned to her feisty self. Although her IMHA went into remission, she lost a significant amount of muscle mass as a side effect of the medications and her hips just aren’t as strong as they used to be. We recently noticed that she was a bit wobbly and was having more trouble going up and down the stairs. After doing some research I came across Canna-Pet and decided to give it a shot. Within a week she seemed to be more comfortable and she has been much more stable going down the stairs than she had been before. I have to attribute it to her feeling less discomfort due to adding Canna-Pet to her daily routine. Our hope is that it will continue allowing our beautiful “Golden Oldie” to be comfortable so she can keep enjoying life.