Health Issues:
Hayli's Breeds:

A couple of months ago, I started giving my 15 year old papillon pills from Canna-Pet. It was honestly a last resort as recent blood work showed her kidneys and liver were in severe decline in function because of her seizure meds. Her little back legs got to where they were giving out on her when she walked. The most recent vet blood work was so bad the vet asked that I bring Hayli in to the clinic to discuss “doggie heaven.” The Canna-Pet capsules have been a life changer, literally! She is so happy and energetic, almost like a puppy again!! She runs everywhere, never walking, when before I was carrying her up steps and frequently helping her stand after her legs gave out. We’ve been able to reduce her seizure medication and I’m hoping that will help improve her liver and kidney counts on her next blood panel. Her quality of life has been greatly improved and she seems generally happy and healthy.