Georgia's Breeds:

Georgia was born with a Chiari Malformation and subsequently diagnosed with Syringomyelia in 2011. In addition to this painful neurological disease, she was also born with luxating patellas and chronic dry eye. I was told not to expect my dog to live past age 3 because syringomyelia is progressive and a point would come when I would not be able to control her pain. My sweet Georgia is a medical misfit. I was desperate to save my then two-year-old dog’s life. After trying various treatments and diets, I found that combining western and eastern medicines and practices helped to give Georgia a better quality of life. Three years later, and her syringomyelia was flaring almost constantly and she was in pain from SM and from her arthritis. Our holistic Tao Vet suggested trying Canna-Pet in the spring of 2014 (after she dislocated her knee and ruptured a tendon). I was hesitant because she is already on a significant amount of medication, but I gave it a shot because her quality of life was slipping and I could see her pain escalating. Within 4 days, I had a new dog. She began playing again, she wanted to go on longer walks. I don’t think I realized how high her anxiety level was until I saw her calm after taking Canna-pet. I can now leave her at a groomer and don’t worry that she will have a massive syringomyelia flare up caused by anxiety. She was able to go to a doggie day care and does well. Two years later, and I still see the benefits of Canna-pet. Georgia’s quality of life is high and she recently celebrated her 7th birthday! Thank you Canna-Pet for helping Georgia live the comfortable life she deserves. You are our miracle!