Zion's Breeds:

The vet put Zion on Tramadol for pain, but I only ended up giving him 2 tablets as they caused him to be confused and generally just unhappy. Chows can be medication sensitive I’ve learned, and that was clearly the case here. Then a friend recommended Canna-pet. Also a chow owner, she raved about how much it had helped her dogs, so I ordered some right away. On only the second day on Canna-pet, Zion completed a walk with us again without once wanting to sit down and rest! I was so happy! Then on the 5th day we took him to the dog park and I couldn’t believe my eyes as he came RUNNING down the path to catch up with us! Actually RUNNING! Not only that but he climbs up the stairs at home without hesitation, where before he would wait at the bottom for me to give him a “boost” up. I just can’t say enough about Canna-Pet, this product worked a miracle for my dog – and with no side effects! The improvement in Zion’s life is from night to day. Thank you so much to all the staff at Canna-Pet for how much your product has helped my precious boy!

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