Hazel the Nut

Hazel the Nut's Breeds:

Hazel The Nut is a young dog I took in as a foster and ultimately fell hard in love with and formally adopted. She spent most of her development in near-total isolation. This is has made it difficult for her to fully communicate well with people and her uncertainty creates stress for her that manifests mostly in nervous barking, chewing bedding, and hyper activity. Prozac helped her focus in training but she is sensitive enough that changes in the environment ( too busy a day, for example) still set her off. I tried numerous behavioral supplements, additives, balms, and even scents. Yet saw zero changes. Discouraged but loathe to increase her medication, I tried Canna-Pet Advanced and saw an initial change but it wore down quickly. Then I hit upon the Advanced Max. It worked so well that people would forget Hazel was present. She started napping and enjoying her downtime. It has not worn thin or become any less effective for her. This supplement has been a total game changer for this tough little nut! Her life is calmer and happier for it, thank you.