Health Issues:
Cooper's Breeds:

Meet Cooper – my 9 year -4 month old senior Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Cooper is my foster failure arriving in our homes just shy of age 4. Cooper suffers from Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) (Stage B2 – pre congestive heart failure (CHF)), hip dysplasia and arthritis. Although Cooper was diagnosed with MVD at age 7, he was not put on any heart medications until age 8-1/2 last Sept. 26, 2016. In January this year, Cooper didn’t want to climb the stairs so I took him in for x-rays and an evaluation. To my dismay, Cooper had severe hip dysplasia and arthritis L My little man had been hiding his pain as many dogs do. Cooper was prescribed 100mg daily of Gabapentin for life and 25mg of Rimadyl 2X daily for anti-inflammation plus laser therapy 3X per week for the first month. Fast forward over the Spring months, I am researching and learning about alternative natural remedies to wean Cooper off Rimadyl which I learned would eventually have an adverse impact on his liver and present a contradiction to ace inhibitor type medications that Cooper may need in the future to treat his MVD-CHF. I knew Rimadyl could not be stopped cold turkey and I needed to prepare his transition off Rimadyl as soon as I could while making sure Cooper was comfortable. Also, laser treatments 3X per week were $100/week alone- YIKES! My research lead me to hemp oil products and Golden Paste. Initially, I researched hemp oil in general which lead to researching a source for canine hemp oil products. After a few weeks of research, I decided to give Canna-Pet products a try primarily because Canna-Pet offered a wider selection of products that would allow me day-to-day flexibility in treating Cooper’s more severe condition as well as my younger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ella’s less severe hip dysplasia in a more pro-active way recognizing her dosing needs would be different.

Cooper has been on Canna-Pet Advanced Large capsules 2X daily, 1-2 Canna-biscuits daily and Max Liquid as needed occasionally (usually rainy days or after above normal activity) for 2 months now. The first 3 weeks I spent weaning Cooper off Rimadyl and replacing with Canna-Pet products. I am happy to say that 2 months later, Cooper is completely off Rimadyl, gets laser treatment every other week ($60/month instead of $400/month) and is doing great J

I continue to read about Hemp Science for Dogs. I am convinced that inflammation is the root of so many diseases in both canines and humans that I am starting a regimen for myself with human-grade HEMP oil products and both my Ella and my new 11 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Gracie are getting the Advanced Large capsule 1X daily + Canna-biscuits to pro-actively reduce any inflammation in their joints and bodies to reduce the effects of arthritis and chances of developing cancer. I believe Canna-Pet is an important part of an overall well-balanced approach to healthcare for my cavaliers that reduces the need for prescription drugs and avoids their potential side effects and contradictions.