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Bear's Breeds:

Below is our success story for Bear, who is currently eating Canna-Pet Biscuits: Bear is a 6 year old male pug. About six months ago we noticed that his hips and neck were getting a little stiff. He was a happy-go-lucky dog, but we noticed he was a bit blue and getting up and down the stairs became a chore for him. We took him to the vet and we were told that he is getting old and that older pugs develop these issues. After having Bear try a variety of treats and supplements to no avail we stumbled upon Canna-Pet Biscuits. We ordered a few boxes and started feeding them to Bear. After one month of eating the biscuits we noticed that Bear had returned to form. He acts like a puppy again and he getsaround better. His hips and neck don’t bother him as much. Canna-Pet biscuits will always be a part of his diet.