Dandee and Leo

Health Issues:
Dandee and Leo's Breeds:

We were without a pet for five years. We had lost the kids’ childhood dog, Crosby, and the grieving process took a while. My husband came home from work one night and surprised us with Dandee, an eight week old English Chocolate Lab. We all fell in love instantly. After several months went by our breeder called and announced that Dandre’s mom was going to have another litter with the same Sire. We had just moved to a home with a big piece of property and decided we should get a sibling for her.
We packed up the car and drove from Sacramento to Seattle to pick out our little boy. We drove home with Dandee and her new baby brother, Leo. We also picked up another puppy for a couple in Livermore.
Dandee was the first to seizure. It would occur about once a month and last about 8-10 minutes. At about 3 years Leo began very minor seizures. At age 5 we took Dandee to the vet and addressed the issue. Her seizures were becoming more intense and clustered. The vet put her on phenobarbital which is very hard on the liver. We did get a liver booster supplement but were concerned about the long term effects. The drug made her loopy and disoriented. Her quality of life had gone down hill.
I had seen something on the television about a child who had epilepsy. The use of marijuana had changed this child’s life. In researching a remedy for my dogs I found Canna-Pet. I give both Dandee and Leo a capsule twice a day in their dog food. It has been a year now and what a difference! Although the seizures have not stopped completely they have been reduced to very light ones and very far in between. I also give them Canna biscuits if I think one is coming on or Canna oil and it seems to help. I would recommend this to anyone who faces this problem. It’s a great alternative to the drugs your vet is obligated to prescribe.