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Charlie's Breeds:

I’ve been using Canna-Pet since 10/2016. When I first I adopted Charlie from a rescue, I had no idea just the level of anxiety and fear he would have when we brought him home. He couldn’t even go outside and relax enough to go potty! Our vet recommended considering Canna-Pet treats as she has had colleagues recommend for their dog patients but never had any of her own patients use them. Poor Charlie was really having a hard time and I was willing to try ANYTHING to help him out. Happy to share that he went from an anxious ball of fear to a happy go lucky energetic dog since then. Of course we did a lot of training with him but Canna-Pet really helped Charlie’s training be more effective and put him in the more relaxed state of mind to be trainable! And…. of course he loves them! We still use them before car rides and going new places if we feel it could help. Certainly doesn’t hurt. No grogginess or dopy dog syndrome. A lifesaver for me and my pup!