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I purchased 3 boxes of the cookies for my 14yr old dog for when he came home from a surgery. He was already, pre-surgery, maxed out on pain meds due to a back injury and arthritis, so I hoped these would help. THEY DID! His recovery was definitely better due to the cookies, which I gave 3, 4x a day (he is 70lbs) and was supposed to be calm and mostly immobile for a few days. These helped. He has now recovered from the surgery, but I continued with the cookies to help with his arthritis and added the Advanced pills, 1, 2x a day and it has made a HUGE improvement with his walking and day to day pain management. Thank you for creating such a great product for pets. I personally use hemp products for my own chronic pain issues and am so happy there was something I felt safe in giving my dog.



Birkley had surgery in March.  At that point he was having a hard time walking before the surgery, painful, slow, labored. After the surgery it was exacerbated.  He could barely walk, I had to assist him with a Hold-em-up sling and handle. That went on for almost two months.  The other tricky part was, because of his degenerative back and arthritis issues, when he had the surgery, he was already maxed out on pain meds, so we could not give him anything for relief.  THAT is where Canna-Pet comes in!  I started him on it two days before the surgery and continued.  It seemed to offer him relief, which was evident several hours after taking it, I could tell he was uncomfortable, and gave him more and within 30 mins, he was sleeping, or more relaxed.  I was so happy to see this.Flash forward, it is now early July and my boy is doing GREAT! He just turned 14 and you would never know it!  He runs some, albeit old man running, but for a dog that could barely walk a couple of months ago it is miraclous!  He is happier, more spry, sleeps better, eats like a 1 yr old dog and is so much more alert!
THANK YOU for making such a great product!