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Honey's Breeds:

I’d like to share a testimonial about our 12-year-old puppy, Honey. We found out that she had inoperable terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas back on Halloween of 2016. She was given a couple months to live and was put on medication to make her comfortable. Honey had already been on medication for previous disorders and we felt that her remaining time on this earth should be spent without the nasty side effects of steroids so we looked into Canna-Pet. Fast forward 6 months(4 months longer than she was given) and Honey is as happy as can be. She’s grown back muscle mass and has more energy. She also has the healthiest coat of hair that’s she’s ever had in her life. All while completely free of medication. And while there’s no telling just how much more time we have with Honey, it warms our heart to know that her final days here have been filled with joy and happiness. Thank you Canna-Pet.